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Tati La Stupi

Bee Techopia is a company founded by a beekeeper family with a long tradition in beekeeping, starting in the Carpathian Mountains in Europe and bringing it as far as Canada. All this started more than 50 years ago with my grand father Todosie. He returned from WW2 injured and depressed and He found later in his life that beekeeping is comforting him. They use to live on the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and one day my father found one swarm in a three on the forest. He was able to catch and bring it home. They build a box and from there my grand father started his apiary. I always knew him with his bees. I remember him working on his bees since I was maybe three or for years old. I got stung at very young age and I've always remembered the smoker and comb smell. I remember also my grand father extractor. It was a three frame radial manual extractor and I was amazed how the honey get out from it. 

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I loved honey a lot and I still love it. We use to get honeycomb from my
grand father and never forget the delicious taste of those honeycombs melting in my mouth. For the first years of my life (until going to school) I use to live on my grand parents home almost all the time my parents working hard on this time to build their first house. So I got this passion for bees and beekeeping very early on my life.

When my father Traian retired from his job like truck and bus driver, he decided together with his youngest brother Sami (Emil) to continue what their father started and loved. 

Up there you could see some pictures of my father (now older that my grand father while he was taking care of his bees). My father here is doing a visual inspection on his former apiary in Carpathian Mountains. His brother Sami continues to work in the field but after my father retirement from the business in 2014, due to his age and health condition, he pass a very hard time when he lost more than 80 from his 100 hives. He was so discouraged that was almost decided to stop there.

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Was in this time when I decided to get back in the business. But being already in Quebec from more than 10 years I started it here. Got my first two nucs from Propolis in June and by the end of this year I was building my boxes and by producing my own queens I went in the winter with 4 hives. (see pictures).

Choosing Bee Techopia name for the company is related to my connections with the technical field.

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Thanks God all of them survived and now we are expanding each year more and more. Grace to the experience I got next to my grand father and my father and to my passion for working with wood, inherited from my father, I start to make all wooden ware for me and for other beekeepers around me. 

Bee Techopia became a name known by more and more beekeepers. 

In the picture below you could see my son Sebastian wax-dipping some boxes.  

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And another picture with Sebastian at work for Bee Techopia.

I'm happy to see how this passion for bees is transmitted to another generation. 

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Now, at Bee Techopia, we are proud to offer to our customers a very large selection of beekeeping supplies combining our European experience with what we learned here in Quebec, because we learned a new way of beekeeping here.

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You could see on those pictures my son in law and me representing Bee Techopia, participating and sponsoring the November 2016 Quebec Beekeepers Conference.  

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Another proof of the newer generation showing interest for bees and beekeeping activity at Bee Techopia.

Bee Techopia is always ready to give you all the tools you need to better do your business.


Bee Techopia - President