Bee nucleii


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To order a product

To order a product: You can do it by phone, by email, using the phone numbers or email address provided on the contact page, or more simple, please use the contact form available in the contact section of our website. But to make sure we don’t get confused please mention the exact name and the code associated with every product, the quantity and eventually the price displayed on the product page.


Our Nucucleii and all bees will be on sale on January 2, 2023

Strong, High Quality, Healthy is what to expect from our Queens and Nucs

Very Gentle, big honey producers. Includes Box

PICK UP ONLY : from the end of May

Some things to keep in mind when you pick up your bees:

- transport, sealing, taping, or closing bees in any way are the responsibility of the new happy owner of the bees.

- bring your protective clothing; or arrive early to purchase it from our store here

- its best to pick them up when the foragers are in house,ie. in early morning when it is still cool, or 15 minutes before dark. (night transport is the best)

- the optimum transport is the back of a pickup, although the bees can be restricted for car transport (at your own risk)

- ratchet tie down straps are needed for transporting singles and full colonies

we do not stop the flight of bees, or close entrances; this is up to
you as the new owner of the bees to decide how best to move your bees.

- for car transport you may wish to bring a sheet or netting to cover the bees

- we are not responsible for bees that get over heated once they leave our care

- all bees sold are in need of
larger living quarters right away. Nucs will need to be installed into
waiting 10 frame equipment. Singles will need their 2nd box. Doubles
will need to have honey supers put on. The bees we sell are strong and
need the room when you get them.

- we recommend feeding nucs especially if they are being installed on un-drawn foundation