DULCOFRUCT Candy with Plants 1kg


DULCOFRUCT Candy with Plants 1kg (code 0498-a)





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Candy with Plants is a solid energetic bee food that contains natural polyphenols, with natural antiseptics and antibiotics from plant origin. It was specially

made to help the bee colonies resist the through period of cold season.

Contains: fructose, glucose, water, herbal infusion: thyme, chamomile, nettle, peppermint, and yarrow, St. John’s worth, calendula, lemon, balm, basil, and wormwood.

How to use:

Cut the package and place it inside the hive on top of the frames;

Can be used as stimulation feed during free harvesting season;


Nosema prevention due to herbal extract;.

Doesn’t melt down the frames;

Fast assimilation;

Queen’s brood stimulation.