Dancing Bee 212L (500 lbs) Bottling Tank


Dancing Bee212L (500 lbs) Bottling Tank (code 365)





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Dancing Bee 212L (500 lbs) Bottling Tank

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Dancing Bee 212 Litre Bottling Tank

56 gallon / 212 litre Bottling Tank holds approximately 227 kgs (500 lbs) of honey Designed and Manufactured in Canada. Made from Food Grade Stainless Steel, the Bottling Tank will help you make your Bottling Facility meet and exceed Food establishment requirements. The Tank comes with a 120 V Submersion Heater, a Stainless Steel Folding Lid, a Fluid Level Gauge and an Internal Thermometer to ensure that you are not over heating your honey. The 56g/212L Honey Bottler is a great tank for the hobby beekeeper or for those beekeepers that harvest specialty honeys.  Our Tanks are double walled and completely jacketed with food grade stainless steel, using precision welding and craftsmanship.

Canadian Made Stainless Steel No Drip Valve Included


16 Gauge Stainless steel double wall tanks
Water Jacketed compartment
Sight Level Gauge
Build in Thermometer
120 volt 1700 watt immersion heater with adjustable thermostat. 
Capacity:  56 Gallons (212 Litres) or 227 Kg (500 lbs)