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Pollen trap (code 0347)





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Collect your own pollen with this pollen trap made of plastic. The trap is placed in front of the flight hole. When the bees enter the hive the pollen will fall off and collect in the tray. 

Bees need pollen to raise brood and feed the queen.  Pollen collected by the bees is miles better than pollen substitutes, and the bees always collect more pollen than they need in the spring.  So collect a week or two's pollen harvest and dry it to save for times when the bees are short. (See our article on Feeding Bees and Bee Nutrition.)

The other option is to collect pollen to sell. (But make sure the bees get at least two days of collection each week for brood rearing in the spring.) This is a very lucrative extra, as the health food industry is always looking for bee collected pollen.

Drying the pollen is essential.  If you don't your collected pollen will go mouldy.   Once dried, store in an air-tight container for later feeding out or selling.