Wax Dipping Tank special order


Wax Dipping Tank (code 0168)

2500.00 (for one box)

4200.00 (for 2 or 3 boxes)



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Have been already many years since the wax-dipping procedure is used in the beekeeping world to sterilize and preserve the beekeeping wooden ware. It is already proved that the sterilization process by wax-dipping 10 min at 160 degrees Celsius is destroying all AFB spores.

By using Hive Guard a proven proprietary paraffin and microcrystalline wax blend you're insuring your success.

Hive Guard has many excellent benefits:

1. Optimal wax formulation

- maximum preservation & disease prevention

- maximum penetration/impregnation

- excellent adhesion

- maintains flexibility to prevent cracking

- up to 20 years durability

2. Single component, simple to apply

3. High temperature sterilization & stability

4. Can rejuvenate/re-dip woodenware years later

5. FDA approved

6. Long-term cost effective vs. the elements and diseases

Hive Guard replace unfriendly chemicals such as rosin, solvents and paints to provide superior performance